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Deckguard® Spray Applied Membrane protects when winter is coming

Oct 14, 2022 2:33:20 PM / by D.S. Brown posted in bridges, Deckguard Spray Membrane


When critical steel and concrete bridge decks call for a specifically engineered waterproofing solution, D.S. Brown’s Deckguard® Spray Membrane provides a 100% solids two-component, bridge-grade elastomeric coating.

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Deckguard® Waterproofing Protection for Critical Infrastructure

Oct 14, 2022 12:40:16 PM / by D.S. Brown posted in bridges, Deckguard Spray Membrane


From the Alcoa Street Bridge in Massena, New York to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Purple Line Bridges, Deckguard® – Spray Applied Membrane provides watertight protection of both steel and concrete substrates against freeze-thaw degradation and the corrosive effects of winter salt spray ensuring extended service life of the bridge structure.

Deckguard Spray Membrane is a 100% solids two-component, elastomeric coating used to waterproof both steel and concrete bridge decks in highway and rail structures. Applied using plural spray equipment, Deckguard provides a seamless, flexible and extremely durable barrier against water penetration and stray current.

D.S. Brown’s Deckguard Spray Membrane is specifically engineered for use on highway and railroad bridge decks, bridge abutments, pier caps, tunnels and pedestrian walkways. This effective waterproofing membrane can be used on intermodal and LRT rail bridges with or without protection board.

“Deckguard can be used in conjunction with hot asphalt overlays to provide the best possible protection against penetration of saltwater from winter snow and ice prevention activities,” said Ben Jacobus, D.S. Brown’s National Sales Manager for Bridge Products. “Deckguard is also so durable that independent testing to AREMA standards has shown that a traditional ballast mat is not necessary prior to applying ballast in railroad applications.”

Chicago Transit Authority – Purple Line

Three bridges on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Purple Line were found to have deteriorated from age and excessive use. The damage was determined to be irreparable, and the structures were torn down. Replacement bridges were constructed offsite and D.S. Brown’s Deckguard waterproofing membrane was applied to the steel deck surface.

Rigorous safety requirements and high temperature conditions made the utilization of spray-on membrane challenging, but the product and its application process proved successful. The use of Deckguard on the bridge decks ensures their protection from water corrosion for decades to come.

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