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Bringing Top-Tier Pavement Solutions to our Global Partners

Mar 17, 2023 2:54:56 PM / by D.S. Brown

Above: Uriah Carpenter, D.S. Brown’s International Sales Manager, Pavement (far left) and Tom Lewis, VP Customer Service, Sales & Marketing (center) attended the Vietnam Aero Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.


D.S. Brown’s comprehensive pavement product line has been well established not only in North America but for critical base requirements at many U.S. military facilities around the world. Meeting specific requirements as well as time-critical factors have established D.S. Brown and its pavement solutions as a leader for global partners looking for those same high-quality infrastructure solutions.

Uriah Carpenter, D.S. Brown’s International Sales Manager, Pavement, and team members have been growing D.S. Brown’s international presence with pavement products since 2022.

 “These products are typically considered off-the-shelf, so they don’t have to be project-specific like our highly engineered bridge products,” said Carpenter. “D.S. Brown’s long history of success with our pavement products in airport applications made this a great initiative worldwide, where many of these products are considered ‘new technology’.”

Products like Delpatch™ Elastomeric Concrete, Delastic Preformed Pavement Seals and Pavesaver+™ as well as D.S. Brown-led joint repair training are now highly sought by international customers.

 Through D.S. Brown’s work with U.S. Military bases worldwide, the sales team has focused on its goal of growing its presence at international commercial airports.

 Tom Lewis, VP Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, and Carpenter have attended several overseas airport conferences in 2023, including the Saudi Airports Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Vietnam Aero Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Inter Airport South-East Asia Conference in Singapore. Lewis and Carpenter have met with airport owners, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and many more involved in airport construction.

Carpenter presented on 'Long-Term Solutions for Concrete Pavement' at the Vietnam Aero Summit, where the host nation has some of the most significant airport construction initiatives globally. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing aviation markets globally and it would be the fifth fastest-growing market by 2035.

Pavement Products

 Key D.S. Brown products for airport construction include:

  • Delpatch™ Elastomeric Concrete is a new generation of elastomeric concrete and an excellent patching material for cracks and spalls on airport runways. Delpatch™ also provides an easy-to-use solution in retrofitting airport runways with lighting.
  • Delastic Preformed Pavement Seals for concrete pavement prevent water and debris from entering the joint. Delastic Seals can be used on both new joints and during joint reseal projects as long as the joints are not spalled and are in good overall shape.
  • Pavesaver+™ is a new generation of non-shrink epoxy-based elastomeric concrete featuring an ideal balance for both flexibility and strength. The unique combination provides an excellent long-term patching solution for repairing cracks and spalls on airfields.

D.S. Brown has the most comprehensive product line serving the transportation industry manufacturing solutions for the most challenging infrastructure applications. D.S. Brown’s high-quality engineered products are available worldwide for new construction and rehabilitation of bridges, highways, airfields, pavements, and parking structures.

  • Bridges: Since the early 1960s, D.S. Brown has provided expansion joint systems and specialty products for bridges around the globe. Learn more about our solutions for bridges.
  • Pavements: Building highways and airport pavements to last is a challenging engineering assignment, especially when the pavement must withstand heavy traffic, weather extremes, debilitating fuels and de-icing chemicals. You need reliable products with a proven track record. Learn more about our solutions for pavements.
  • Architectural: D.S. Brown provides a variety of expansion joint products for parking garages and other architectural applications. Learn more about our architectural solutions.

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Contact your D.S. Brown pavement representatives – Uriah Carpenter (International) | Ryan Sypherd (West) | Darren Johnson (East) | Ethan Fuller (Central). You can also find more information about D.S. Brown on our FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram channels.

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