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Plan Projects, Pick Products With D.S. Brown Website

Oct 14, 2022 1:10:40 PM / by D.S. Brown

D.S. Brown’s new website is designed to help you plan, purchase and produce your project with our experienced team members, comprehensive resources and superior products.

Three main tools will help you accomplish your project goals on D.S. Brown's new website:

  • Submittal Tool: An easy way to find and collect technical product documents for your project
  • Sales Representative Finder: Ready to assist and find the products or resources you need
  • Resources: Online access to all official D.S. Brown installation and technical documents

There is also an online store with a complete selection of our products including the proper tools and kits for each product for your project.

Build Your Submittal Package

Building a Submittal Package for your project and connecting with the D.S. Brown team takes three easy steps.

  1. Select Products: To begin building your D.S. Brown submittal package, select the products appropriate to your project. Search by name or category filtering options to identify D.S. Brown products.
  2. Select Documentation: Select the appropriate documentation for inclusion in your final submittal package (selecting checkboxes next to each resource name).
  3. Submit: Fill out a short form and submit your information. You are now ready to receive a download of your selected documents for highlighted products. A helpful D.S. Brown sales representative will follow up shortly regarding your submittal package.

About the D.S. Brown Company

D.S. Brown has designed and engineered structural movement, protection and repair solutions for the world’s bridges, highways and airfields for more than 130 years. It’s that experience that helps us to understand the many evolving challenges of today’s infrastructure markets.

As a full integrated manufacturer, all D.S. Brown processes are controlled and performed internally to ensure quality standards for every product. D.S. Brown’s home office and manufacturing facilities are in North Baltimore, Ohio.

Bridge Project? Learn more about:

  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Spray Applied Membrane
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Structural Bearing Assemblies
  • Cable Corrosion Protection
  • Seismic Protection Systems

Pavement Project? Learn more about:

  • Pavement Joint Sealants
  • Pavement Repair

Architectural Project? Learn more about:

  • Architectural Expansion Joints
  • Concrete Repair Materials
  • Structural Bearing Assemblies

Contact D.S. Brown

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